A 36 hour hackathon held hosted by TechHackers at Virginia Tech in Cassell Coliseum. This hacakthon seeks to bring creative and passionate minds together for one weekend to work on a project. The projects have no category restriction, so the hacker is free to experiment with anything. Attendees can work in teams of upto 4 and have the opportunity to showcase their hack at the end of the event. 


-Teams of up to 4 

-Undergrad students 


There is no category restriction at this hackathon, attendees are free to create whatever they wish!

Hackathon Sponsors


$2,850 in prizes

Second Place

First Place

Third place

VT E-Club - Most Viable Product E-Club

The Entrepreneur Club at Virginia Tech is giving away $250 to the hack that is most likely to turn into a startup.

Intel's Choice

Galaxy Tablet

BookHolders - Best Web App

1 Bitcoin - Program using internet sourced data.

BookHolders - Best RaspberryPi/OpenWRT Hack

You can win a free Raspberry Pi or an OpenWRT device if you can build something cool using a Raspberry Pi or OpenWRT device.

Best Use of Salesforce as a Backend

Prize: MacBook Pro. Description: Use Salesforce as a back end to fuel live data. Access data using any of the various Salesforce APIs. Bonus points will go to the app with a real world application and original business use case.

IBM - Best Solution to Real World Problems

Solve a real world problem with your project. IBM goodies include: A sling backpack, mp3 speaker, 8gb thumb drive, rectangle phone charger, and an IBM key chain.

TechPad - App That Show Value of Low Latency

This award goes out to the team that creates the best app that shows the value of low latency/high capacity fiber. What will you do with gig Internet?

Fitnet - App That Commits Users to Workout Days

First place gets $250, second $100. Fitnet, fit.net, is a mobile fitness app. The app must include a scheduler and alerts. Most creative app which incorporates multiple motivators wins the prize.

CapTech - Most Scale-able Application

CapTech will be giving away Chromecasts to each member of the team to create the most scale-able application.

Rackspace - Best Execution

You are busy building an amazing startup, new app, or world changing technology. It's what you love. Let our expects focus on your cloud infrastructure. It's what we love. rackspacestartup.com

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How to enter

Register for VTHacks at vthacks.com!


VTHacks Panel

VTHacks Panel

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